Victor Alarcon Photography

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Victor Eduardo Alarcon is a first-generation, Miami born photographer. He received his first film camera at the age of 10 and since then has been documenting his evolution through life and of the art itself.

Born to a Cuban father and Dominican mother, he identifies and records the differences between his life in the United States and the lives of the people elsewhere. With the acquisition of his first DSLR, Victor developed his skill set while completing his university studies in Washington, D.C. at the Catholic University of America.

Through various opportunities he expanded from non-fiction to fine art, aerial and underwater photography. His eye as a fine-art photographer lends style and creativity, which strikingly highlights the social messages he perceives; promoting his motto “Simply Live”. Victor says that for him, his work “is about the ability to portray our own unique perceptions of the world, making a moment in time, infinite and everlasting.” 

In February 2011, Alarcon had his debut exhibition at Warehouse Alternative Space in Miami. Since then he has continued his pursuit in the photographic arts through various others exhibits, commissioned works, freelance and commercial projects.

My Mission

Bring awareness through photography that our fundamental nature is to simply live. 

But man is a part of nature, and his war against nature is inevitably a war against himself.
— Rachel Carson